Portraits of Serbia by Wesley Channell

Portraits of Serbia: Hope for the Future is a fine art photography exhibition presenting the peoples of Serbia and their hopes and expectations for the future of the country. It was created by Wesley Channell, an American fine art photographer.

For Portraits of Serbia, Wesley Channell has been traveling the country collecting the photos and, stories and hopes of 116 people from 29 cities of Serbia and two cities abroad. The participants are of diverse professions, ages, and walks of life. Doctors, drivers, lawyers, entrepreneurs, artists, designers, farmers, hunters, architects, dentists, teachers, pensioners, and many others are portrayed in pictures and each of them speaks about the version of Serbia they would love to see in the future.

Channell found inspiration for this project in his impression that people from Serbia rarely use future tense. They almost always use either the past or present tense. For Channell, as someone who comes from a country where even a three-year-old can give an answer to the question about their future, this is quite intriguing. Building on this impression, he has created artistic photographs that speak about the future of a country through the faces of its people.

Each participant in the Portraits of Serbia told a story about their country, how they perceive it, what they like and what they dislike about it, and what they hoped for it in the future. The stories were recorded by Sabina Dazdarevic. They are being published twice per week.