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Wesley Channell is an American Fine Art Photographer. He was born and grew up in Atlanta, Georgia. After finishing college and graduate school he lived in Alabama, Tennessee, and Florida. After 27 years he has returned to Atlanta where he lives to this day. The scope of his photography covers subjects from his own backyard to distant lands abroad. He has traveled all around Europe and the United States and has taken pictures in highly varied locations. Through his photographs he expresses appreciation for the everyday, common beauty that is often missed in the frantic world we live in.

Channell has been visiting Serbia at least annually and sometimes much more frequently since 2004. As an American, the beauty of the people, places, landmarks and wonderful culture that make up Serbia have enchanted him. From 2010 to 2015, his photo exhibition, Serbia – Balkan Beauty, One American’s Perspective, was exhibited throughout the country. In 2016, he started a new project: Portraits Of Serbia. After working on it for two years, it will be exhibited in 2019.





Born in 1982, it is fair to say that Sabina Dazdarevic’s own formative years have paralleled the momentous moments in the political, social, and cultural life of Serbia. Her instinctive inclinations were to study technology and computer science, maybe out of a desire for order in a disordered world. However, the work that was to define her was not in the sciences but in improving the understanding of her people by telling their stories. Portraits of Serbia helped to employ her academic and scientific acumen to explore her nation’s identity, diversity and general sensibilities. In this singular ground-breaking project, she has helped to give voice to ordinary Serbians while opening their world up to international contemplation. Dazdarevic brings her love of languages and the poetry of the local to national and international audiences.