Davor Jevtic: Evenings at home

Declared state of emergency caused by the coronavirus pandemic didn’t greatly affect Davor Jevtic, a musician and frontman of the Huti Ota Tre band, who was spending much of his time at home before as well. The only change is that he is at home now in the evenings, whereas in the period that preceded the situation he would often go out for work or socializing.

What he likes to do while at home is cooking. It relaxes him. He also writes. He plays games with his cousin. He lives in the house with a backyard, which allows him to leave the house without putting himself or others at risk of contracting coronavirus. Twice a week he goes to the market. Times fly for him, which means he is not being bored.

The first thing he will do when the state of emergency is ended, is to meet up with his friends and to drink a lot to the story of isolation.

A month after the first case was registered in Serbia, more than 2,000 people is recorded to have been infected with the coronavirus.

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