Dino Mujanovic: Three meters away from people

With over two million people infected with coronavirus, the world is still in the social distance mode where many daily activities are different or have to be done in a different way than that people are used to.

Dino Mujanovic now works from home and manages to be busy all the time. His job duties have not changed, but the way he does them has. In his free time, he reads, watches movies, tries to keep up his exercise routine.

He takes the recommendations of the experts in the fight against the coronavirus very seriously and keeps his distance from other people when in the street at three meters. He also wears a mask when going shopping. He is still very social, but remotely, through video calls, and through emails.

The hardest things for him during the times of coronavirus, are the deaths and suffering of people due to illness, isolation, and poverty which is growing due to the economic situation.

The first thing he will do when he hears the state of emergency was lifted, is a long evening walk that he hasn’t had the opportunity to do for more than a month.

As part of Wesley Channell’s photo exhibition Portraits of Serbia: Hope for the Future, Dino told us his views on Serbia’s future. They can be found at the following link: http://portraitsofserbia.rs/en/stories/dino-2/

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