Portraits of Serbia by Wesley Channell in Niš (photo)

Following the opening at the Ethnographic Museum in Belgrade, the photography exhibition “Portraits of Serbia: Hope for the Future” by Wesley Channell was opened on April 2 in the Officers’ Club in Niš.

 Wesley Chanel addressed the guests from Atlanta via Skype and explained the reasons to embark on this venture. It was primarily because of his love for Serbia and its people, and his impression that Serbia is often misinterpreted in the Western world and that the Serbs are as good or bad as the citizens of any Western country. He expressed his great satisfaction for having the opportunity to communicate the messages through the words of ordinary people in his photographs. The exhibition was officially opened by Jelena Mitrovski, a member of the City Council of Niš responsible for culture.

The exhibition presents portraits of people coming from 29 cities of Serbia and two cities of the diaspora. They speak about their hopes and expectations for the future of the country. It is the result of a two year work where Wesley Channell has been traveling around Serbia collecting the photos and, stories and hopes of 116 people. The participants are of diverse professions, ages, and walks of life. Doctors, drivers, lawyers, entrepreneurs, artists, designers, farmers, hunters, architects, dentists, teachers, pensioners, and many others are portrayed in pictures and each of them speaks about the version of Serbia they would love to see in the future.




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