Portraits of Serbia – Exhibition Opening at the Ethnographic Museum

Wesley Channell’s photo exhibition Portraits of Serbia: Hope for the future will be opened on March 14 at 6 PM, at the Ethnographic Museum, Belgrade.

Portraits of Serbia: Hope for the future is Wesley Channell’s fine art photography exhibition presenting Serbia through pictures and stories of the people of Serbia. There will be 70 pictures showing people from 29 cities of Serbia and 2 cities of diaspora.  For “Portraits of Serbia”, Wesley Channell has been traveling around Serbia for two years, taking photos and listening to the stories of the people with different backgrounds, interests, occupations, and of different ages. Through 116 portraits of doctors, drivers, lawyers, entrepreneurs, artists, designers, farmers, hunters, architects, dentists, teachers, pensioners, and many others, Wesley Channell depicts Serbian people’s hopes and expectations for the future of their country.

As part of the exhibition, each of 116 people has told a story about Serbia. They spoke about positive sides of Serbia, about what they are not content with in it, and what they would like to see in the future. Stories are being published on http://portraitsofserbia.rs twice per week in both Serbian and English.

Portraits of Serbia: Hope for the future is Wesley Channell’s second exhibition in Serbia, after “Serbia – Balkan Beauty: One American’s perspective”, which was exhibited in the country many times. Wesley Channell is a professional photographer for more than 15 years. The scope of his photography covers the everyday, common beauty that is often missed in the today’s frantic world. He has been visiting Serbia at least annually since 2004. The beauty of the people, places, wonderful culture and everything that make up Serbia have enchanted him. And this is what inspired him to make photos for his exhibitions.

Portraits of Serbia: Hope for the future will be exhibited at the Ethnographic museum in Belgrade from 14 – 29 of March 2019, and at the Officer’s club from 2-14 of April 2019.

For more information, please visit http://portraitsofserbia.rs/ . Also, for the latest stories and news, you can follow us on facebook.com/portraitsofserbia and instagram.com/portraitsofserbia.

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