Wesley Channell’s Portraits of Serbia in Vracar

Photo Exhibition Portraits of Serbia: Hope for the Future by Wesley Channell was opened last evening at the Gallery of the Municipality of Vracar.

The exhibition features 40 out of 116 portrait photographs which are result of a two year work of the author of the exhibition, Mr. Wesley Channell, who traveled around Serbia, met with with different people and had them photographed while listening to their stories, and to their hopes and expectations. As the author of the exhibition wasn’t able to attend the opening, he addressed the attendees via the link, expressing his regret that he was not present. He talked about how he didn’t like Serbia when he first visited in 2004 because it was too warm and too noisy. However, as he got to know the people more, he was falling in love with Serbia more and more. Over time, he learned to listen to the people and Portraits of Serbia represents the voice of them through their photographs.

The exhibition was opened by the Mayor of Vracar, dr. Milan Nedeljkovic who said he was at the opening of thousands of exhibitions, but that he first attended the opening where the artist addressed the present from America via link. He noted that he was delighted that an American recognized the qualities of Serbs and loved them as a nation and that he had personally visited Atlanta three times and that he was very happy to have the opportunity to have this exhibition at the municipal gallery.

The exhibition was shown for the first time at the Ethnographic Museum in Belgrade and then at the Officers’ Club in  Nis. The exhibition at the municipal Gallery of Vrachar will be open until December 15, 2019.




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