Aleksandar is 28 years old. He is a shoe designer and entrepreneur. He started the business while in high school, and at the age of 28, he is one of the Serbia’s top entrepreneurs.

Serbia in the future that Aleksandar would like to see, is a country in which entrepreneurship is fostered and young entrepreneurs are encouraged. “My opinion is that the country should focus more on entrepreneurship, on private sector.”

As a negative side of Serbia, Aleksandar talks about people’s communist approach in thinking. “Nobody will help you in your life unless you do something yourself. I’m not guided by the policy to expect the country to do everything for me. This may have been the case during communism, but that time has passed.” What is also, not the negative side, but more of a challenge for Serbia, is the fact that the country should engage and encourage production, and not the services which is the case currently. “We should be manufacturing, not giving services. Manufacturing keeps country’s economy stable. Why didn’t Germany and other industrialized countries go through the crisis like we did? Because they had production and made capital out of nothing.” Also, people in Serbia are very impatient. “People will not make sacrifice, they want success immediately, and the capital is created over time, nothing becomes overnight. What becomes overnight will disappear overnight as well.”

Aleksandar is one of the young entrepreneurs in Serbia, full of enthusiasm and ambition, a promising and solid trader, and a person who inspires many people.

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