Nikola is 29 years old. He graduated from the Faculty of Technical Sciences, Industrial Management department. He is the owner of the company for wood and glass engraving and cutting.

Serbia with a different political scene is a country in which Nikola would like to live. “I would change the politicians.”

People who are relaxed are the positive side of Serbia. “What I’m proud of and what I especially like here is the relaxation that we have here in Serbia, when compared to some other Western countries. As a member of a folklore group, I had the opportunity to visit almost entire Europe, and to get to know the way they live. I think we are more relaxed here than they are. Belgrade might have already come to the point where people work all day long, and they don’t have time even for their wives or children. Here, it’s still much more relaxed, we have time to meet with friends, go to the cinema, and so on. ”

Poverty, on the other hand, is something that Nikola considers worrisome in Serbia. “Poverty is on a high level. Although, it seems to me, if we had more, then our lifestyle would change and we would be more like the citizens of Western Europe, which is not good. The point is, we should work to live, and not the other way around.”

Nikola created his desired life story very quickly. He likes his job that allows him to have enough free time for family and friends, and as a young entrepreneur he is doing it very well.

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