Vojislav is 42 years old. He is a musician. He has been singing in the Serbian National Theater opera choir for the last 20 years. He is the creator of two original bands named Drum’n’Zez and Killo Killo Banda. He writes songs and occasionally performs as a DJ. He is married and has two children.

Democratic and politically stable Serbia is a country that Vojislav would like to see in the future. “I would like to see our country democratize, politically stabilize. This means that politics would normalize and become an integral part of our lives which we will not be reminded of by elections and political campaigns every single year. I would like our country to be neutral, to stand out from that atmosphere of inter-ethnic frictions, then the frictions between the powerful countries. I would like to see how we stand out with our value and indigenous products, indigenous culture and art. And in the first place, to be peaceful, I won’t say at every price.”

Novi Sad, which is of the ideal size and relaxed people of Vojvodina, are the positive sides of Serbia. “The good side of living in Novi Sad is that it is of the ideal dimensions. Not too huge with the rivers of people and cars going down the street. Another thing is that Novi Sad is flat, so it allows cyclists to ride their bikes easily. We can say that we, [the people] are easy going. As expected for the people of Vojvodina, I think we’re not too stressed or tense. People are generally good and honest, tolerant, and they like what I like, and that is good food. A large number of people are dedicated to the production of food or drink or honey and such.”

Disorganization of the country is its biggest flaw, Vojislav believes. “Well, I wish there was order, in terms of better organization of all possible aspects of life, and most of all, a better education system, and safety in every aspect. These are the things that would have to improve largely. And in my opinion, we should look up to the Nordic Scandinavian countries, they care about human rights, all the things we do pro forma here, they take it seriously up there. Probably because they do not think about existential problems like we do but they rather turn to themselves and try to find answers to some internal philosophical and moral dilemmas.”

Vojislav influences people through his music. He expresses his thoughts through the lyrics of his songs with a distinctive singing style. He loves the Danube and Novi Sad on the Danube the most in the world.

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