Anna is 30 years old. She graduated from the Faculty of Tourism. Through the Animal Protection Association of Timok Krajina – Beta, she rescues stray animals and works on their domestication.

Serbia, where all animals have home, is a country that Ana would like to see in the future. “Of course, my greatest wish is that all animals have home, none of them to be in the street without the owner, none of them to suffer and to be tortured.”

People of Serbia are the positive image. “We like to hang out with the people we work with, with animal lovers. They are friendly and want to help us and are good hosts. ”

Disrespect for the law when it comes to animal protection is a negative side of Serbia. “There are laws, but they are not enforced by anyone. The first example is that microchipping animals is mandatory, it’s a legal obligation. But unfortunately, no one checks it. In Belgrade, there was the communal police who controlled the dog walkers, but generally, in other cities, I don’t know that anyone was ever punished for not having their dog microchipped. And then they throw that same dog out into the street and we don’t know who this dog belongs to. If all the dogs were microchipped as the law says, and if someone controlled the implementation of the law, we would have fewer animals on the street.”

When Ana loves something, she is 100% dedicated to it. She thinks this is her virtue as much as the flaw. For the job she does, which is to take care of the stray animals, this is certainly one of the great virtues, given the number of those animals that are on the street and need people like Ana.

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