Branislav is 35 years old. He is a teacher of physical education. Besides being a sports worker, he is also an athlete.

Serbia that has a functioning system is the country that Branislav would like to see in the future. “I wish we had our own system in which we could function. If we had increased production, infrastructure that was taken care of, and if we had the good living conditions of the people in each city, then people would not have to leave smaller cities and literally create Serbia only out of Belgrade.”

The fact that one is born in a specific country, in a specific place, always means the positive side of that country for the person in question. “Just because someone was born in a certain country, they accept that country as their own, their people as their own, and so on. The positive sides of Serbia are its natural beauty, geographical position and, of course, the people. We went through all sort of bad things and we are still smiling. No matter how difficult it is, we are always smiling.”

External influence on Serbia is something that Branislav underlines as negative. “In my opinion, the influence of the people from the outside is negative, to be more precise, the influence of the great powers. Everything that happened to the people in this region did not happen because of our fault, but it was imposed by the people who have had interest in it. It is always the interest of the country and the people themselves to prosper. With the destruction of the former Yugoslavia, many have profited. The people themselves couldn’t even decide anything or stop it. It was just so planned, and these are all negative things that we cannot influence because we are not big enough.”

Branislav considers himself a strong person. He may be taking on too many commitments, but he manages to do his best to help make the sport in his city better and more successful.

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