Snezana is 49 years old. She is the director of the Citizens’ Association Timok Club. She has been working in the civilian sector for 20 years. She completed her studies in economics. She is married and has two children.

Snezana would like that the intimacy and openness in the future Serbia are as same as what the people have in the present Serbia. “I would like people to remain as they are, close to each other, open and cordial. That’s what is good about us. We don’t have that personal space distance. When communicating, we are intimate and close. We are open minded, ready to learn and embrace new things. I wish that everything that leads to the happiness of the people, like for example, they don’t know who the prime minister or the president is, they don’t think when they will receive the salary and how much the installment is, all this goes naturally. I wish we have a clean country with nice roads, our natural beauties are not being destroyed, and the system of values ​​and moral norms are what we all think is right.”

Gentleness and our green fields are positive sides of Serbia. “Our city is very beautiful, full of trees and plants. People are very gentle. They say the people coming from the mountainous areas are very welcoming and gentle.”

Changing moral values ​​for the worse and disobeying the laws are the negative image of Serbia. “Personally, I am most concerned about the moral values ​​and disrespect for laws and legal rules and norms. The moral values ​​ have changed not only in Serbia, but everywhere in the world. I think the times we lived in and the events that happened to us now dictate some other norms. The media dictates different moral standards, principles, and role models, which I think is typical for Serbia, but not for the region I might say. We are witnessing the current dress trends dictated by TV singers and participants in various reality shows who, for the sake of their own survival, have no scruples about how far they will go in public, perverting themselves with immoral acts only to get few euros more.”

Snezana loves hiking and mountaineering. She would love to learn pottery. She is never satisfied with the current situation but always strives for something better and higher. She is passing this way of thinking on to both her children and those she knows and works with.

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