Aleksandar is 30 years old, and graduated as a journalist. He now works as a freelancer. He loves video games, history, sports and foosball.

In the future Serbia should be a country which is autonomous and enjoys all the benefits of its autonomy, Aleksandar thinks. “It’s important that in the future, Serbia understands its place in the world, realizes that we are a tiny country important to no one. If tomorrow there were no United States or China, the world would notice. If we were gone tomorrow, the world wouldn’t even notice. Serbians need to understand how irrelevant we are in the grand geopolitical picture. Powerful countries will always make decisions, and will always have all the international attention. A country which is not important, such as Finland for example, and I do not mean this in derogatory way, but in that it is not involved in wars, does not make big decisions nor gets a say. It is a country that is left to itself and has the right to develop on its own terms.”

Historic heritage is something that each citizen of Serbia can be proud of. “Enormous historic heritage, numerous great deeds were accomplished by this nation despite its small size, not to mention its tendency to maintain unity in times of crisis. We have wonderful natural beauty. We are a nation of athletes. Although we are not very populous, we compete in every sport. We even created our own popular culture, both in music and film. We have a good sense of humor, we love to be stubborn and have fun. We are positive overall, given the circumstances.”

Discord and apathy are the main negative characteristics of people in Serbia. “Our biggest problem is that we are our own enemies. Generally, people in Serbia, especially those who are in charge, have a weak ability to develop their own mode of thought. They always seek the advice of others and always fall under the influence of others. We also suffer discord. Serbs were united in every moment of crisis up until World War II. Our thinking and self-evaluation have changed quite a lot. I am not saying that it was a paradise before the WWII, but people were more united. They had ideas of what to do. Now people have no more ideas or goals. Social circumstances forced apathy upon our people, their focus is to live day-to-day without any vision of what will happen the day after tomorrow or a year from now. Consequently, the value system has degraded. This is a huge problem; we are our own worst enemy. If it were suggested to replace democracy with a better system, we would simply accept democracy as it is. We just can’t keep up with the times, and we often make bad decisions.”

Aleksandar follows Buddhist principles although he is not religious. He puts morality above all. He considers himself to be quick-tempered. He is a combination of philosophy, a religion he does not believe in, free political thought which does not exist, and a love for the things that do not deserve it.



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