Ana is 22 years old. She studies electronics at the University of Niš.

A better financial situation and a better image of the Serbs is something that Ana would like to see in the future.  “I am not a materialist, but I would like the financial situation to improve, because I can see that our general mood depends on it. Serbia is still a beautiful country to live in, but I would like the things that regress us and make the Serbs look like bad people, I wish these things improve and Serbia to be a country of peaceful life. Simply, we don’t have to leave but be here with our own people and in our own environment, which, in my opinion, is beautiful.”

The sociability of the people and the beauty of the country are positive sides of Serbia. “I think Serbia is a beautiful country when speaking of natural resources and people. We are social, close to each other, and we can rely on each other at any given moment.”

The lack of perspective for young people is something that is worrying, says Ana. “I am most concerned about the perspective of young people, because I don’t think that the real knowledge and valuable things are appreciated properly. I am sad that young people who know something and who are scientists, intellectuals, have to leave this country in order to succeed, to get a job, to be able to live normally and to have a family. In my opinion, this is the scariest thing. I don’t think real values are appreciated enough.”

Ana always looks on the bright side of life and she always tries to learn something new. She says she is graduating “in spite” of everyone, not because she loves it. She is persistent and doesn’t give up because she has clearly defined her goals that she works hard on. She is a good friend and always wants to help everybody.


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