Mile is 71 years old. He is the president of the Pensioners Association. He was actively involved in socio-political work. He is the member of the Municipal Assembly for a number of terms. 

He was a functionary of the Youth Socialist Union of the working people, and the member of the Municipal Trade Union. He has been involved in sports and is currently the secretary of the Zaplanjac Football Club. Prior to that, he was long in the Administration of the Football Association of the City of Nis, where he received the recognition of the best football worker of the City of Nis. He also worked in cultural institutions, was a clerk for cultural activities, and led inter-village meetings.

Mile would like Serbia to be a cultivated country in the future. “I would like it to be a country where natural potential has been used when talking about agriculture and livestock production. Serbia is a cultivated country in the future.”

Natural resources are a positive side of Serbia. “I’ve been a hunter for 45 years. I have long been in the board of directors of the hunting association, and today I am still active as a hunter. And I became that because of our beautiful nature. We live in a wooded area full of wildlife. We have good drinking water from the springs.”

Elderly households are something Mile considers worrying. “I am concerned about our villages, which are devastated in terms of population. In these villages, especially the ones in mountains, we may have 10 to 25 inhabitants, and we have several such villages. Houses, yards, and other buildings have collapsed, growing into weeds. So, when someone passes by these villages, they feel like crying. This started 30 years ago, and I don’t see it stop and be resolved in some near future.”

Mile made a major contribution to the development of sports and culture, and eventually to the retirement organization. Because of his work and active involvement in many institutions, he says there is no one in the region who doesn’t know him.

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