Arpad is 30 years old. He graduated from the Design High School in Novi Sad, department for textile design, and later graduated from the Belgrade Faculty of Applied Arts in textile design. He works as an assistant at the same University.

What Arpad would like to see in the future is the people who are more free-minded. “I would simply like to see people step away from that commercial, classic way of thinking. For example, in design, all classical or commercial firms don’t allow any artistic creativity. They are simply focus on what already exists. And it is same in our mentality, we don’t get out of that mold, the classical mold.”

In addition to the textile design, Arpad is also into speleology, cave research, which has helped him get to know Serbia’s natural beauty better. “I think that the region itself, the location of Serbia is something that is essentially positive: the natural beauty, rivers, mountains. If someone wants to understand what Serbia is, they should go to the places which are not touristic to explore the area better. I think that a lot of it is unknown to many of us, most people don’t know that we have some canyons, rivers, springs, thermal water, very close by, but yet not on the tourist map.”

What first comes to Arpad’s mind when he thinks of the negative aspects of Serbia is the system, primarily the value system. “There are some inconsistencies here, for example if we are looking at it from the artistic standpoint – exhibiting abroad becomes very complicated because of the enormous paperwork that serves nothing. In some respects, the system of the country doesn’t support young unaffirmed artists, perhaps some that are on the verge to start producing or creating and have no support even of their province or municipality. ”

One of the works of Arpad received the main award at the May exhibition of the Association of Art Artists and Designers, which was a major milestone in his artistic life. “Until that moment, my work wasn’t significant. Once the word spread, it immediately became noticed, it had foundation, and all of a sudden, everyone was interested in it. So, in the end, the institution matters as well as that someone can stand behind you as an artist. In my opinion there is not enough of this in Serbia.“

Arpad Pulai is one bold and courageous person. If he wants to do something, he will make it happen. He is proud of himself because he is a free man, free in the mental sense, and as such not afraid to test new ideas, to try something new. Which is exactly what we need from an artist.


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