Indira is 38 years old. She graduated from Faculty of Medicine at the University of Novi Sad. Currently she is specializing Internal Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine in Belgrade. She is married and has two children.

A Serbia that Indira would like to see in the future is a country in which people are aware about themselves and their country.” I would change what people think about themselves, where they are from and where they are going, and that just by changing the country, city, and workplace they can’t change things in general. They need to be aware that they should stay in their own country and try to change things here, not somewhere else.”

The feeling of freedom that Serbia is giving her is one of the positive sides of Serbia. “As far as Serbia is considered, it’s not enough to say that I love my country. Every thought of leaving “somewhere else” for a better life demotivates me. I love the feeling of freedom, the fact that I can always learn something about the problems of others. I love that in my profession, a spiritual reward still exists.”

The bad side of Serbia is its value system. “The bad side of Serbia, and its society in general is the fact we buy things which should not be on sale in the first place. Human value and honor are not respected anymore.”

Indira is in medical practice, as she says, since ever. Her profession is both her hobby and her obligation. Although this looks selfish sometimes, she gives most of herself to her job, because that is the only way that she can help not just others but herself too. For her, medicine is a path of peace and joy.


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