Damir is 22 years old. He studies spatial planning at the Faculty of Geography, University of Belgrade. He is a photographer.

When thinking about the future, Damir thinks it is necessary to know today what we want to achieve in five, ten or hundred years. “We have to be very decisive and say, well, in five years we want to have this and that, we make a plan, start implementing it, and then we can hope for improvement in 30 years.”

What Damir appreciate the most in Serbia is the people and hanging out with them. “I really like spending time with friends, and I spend a lot of time among people. It is kind of my favorite part of the day when I sit down and talk to my friends about how we spent the day, what happened, and so on. Some stories have been told a hundred times but telling them for the 101st time will be interesting too.”

Damir believes that the education system should be changed and modernized. “We have the education system that is based on the 30-year-old principles that outdated long time ago and I think it’s time to project education in a better way.” What we should also learn is the importance of decentralization. In Damir’s opinion this means the better living conditions for the people who live in the villages should be created in order to stop their migrations. “People need to be informed about how important the village is to our country. And I think generally people should not be brought to the cities, but rather encouraged to stay in the countryside to pursue occupations characteristic to that area.”

Damir is willing to help people regardless of their beliefs, or nationality. Another people’s business doesn’t concern him, and he will always avoid gossiping. Together with his peers, he represents the good side of Serbia, the side that tells about diversity, multiculturalism and the possibilities of a good life of the people of different backgrounds.

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