Marija is 27 years old. She is an HR expert. She completed her studies of human resources in America, and her master’s studies in Greece.

Serbia in the future that Marija would like to see is a country where the chaos is organized. “I would love to live in a country where our warmth and hospitality are preserved, which we have always had. On the other hand, I would like to organize the chaos in a way, if I may say so. We have the positive energy, positive and strong people. However, this isn’t always noticeable because of all that chaos we live in, which makes us nervous. I don’t mind it being a bit turbulent, but I wish it was just a little organized.”

The reason she came back from America and what makes her a proud Serbian citizen, are the people. “I feel warmth and connection between people here, which I have never felt anywhere else. The other thing is our lifestyle which, in my opinion, does not exist anywhere in the west. There is a balance between work and social life. I can always see people in the street here. I can go for coffee at 10 o’clock in the evening, I can go to the hairdresser whenever I want. These are some of the things that are normal in our country and in other countries might be considered luxurious. ”

According to Marija, the chaotic system is the negative side of Serbia. “I see the chaos in the systems. I can’t say that people are lazy, quite contrary, I think people are very hardworking. There are a lot of motivated people in my environment, but I think our system is chaotic. When I want to do something, for example, at the health center, or in the post office or tax administration, it’s a process that feels like it lasts for years, it’s thus complicated.”

Marija is a connecting point amongst her friends. She always finds a common theme for people. She likes to know and to understand the ways she connects with others and that makes her a little different from the others.

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