Danijela is 44 years old. She graduated from Law School. She lived abroad for 11 years and then returned to Serbia. She is married, has four children, and owns a restaurant together with her husband.

A country in which everyone is doing their job is the Serbia that she would like to see.”I wish that the court practiced the law, the police protected the citizens, and the schools educated people. I wish everyone would get what they worked for. I wish for an organized Serbia with equal rights for all. ”

The freedom that exists as well as cheap food are the positive sides of our country. “First of all, freedom. You will never experience such feeling of freedom anywhere else. Over there [in Vienna] I had to drop off and return kids from school each day. Here, I can let a child go to school unsupervised. That was one of the main reasons why I returned. Also, life is very expensive abroad. If you want to eat quality food, it costs a lot of money. If you want to eat bad food, it’s cheap. We can still say that we eat healthy food at a low cost here.”

Unkept promises, on the other hand, is something she finds negative about Serbia. “Promises that are not kept concern me. Since the Government changed in 2001 we have been hoping things will get better. But these better times never came. I am increasingly losing faith in this country. I know we shouldn’t expect the state to provide everything for us, we should rely approximately 50% on ourselves to get things done, and 50% on the state. But you can’t see even 10% of the state here. There are young people, students and recent PhD graduates for whom no place exists here, something that was promised in 2001. Sixteen years is too long of a period to be waiting on “it’ll get better”. Too long.”

Danijela returned to Serbia for enjoyment, she did not enjoy abroad. She is aware of the negative aspects of her country but also of all the positive ones. She wants to be able to afford a normal life for her family, nothing too extravagant – just 10 days of summer holidays and 5 days of winter holidays per year.

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