Danijela is 44 years old and holds a degree in Law. She lived abroad for 11 years and then returned to Serbia. She is married, has four children, and owns a restaurant with her husband.

The Serbia she envisions is one where everyone fulfills their responsibilities. ‘I wish that the courts upheld the law, the police protected the citizens, and the schools effectively educated people. I hope everyone receives what they’ve earned and that Serbia becomes an organized nation with equal rights for all.’

She acknowledges that freedom and affordable food are positive aspects of her country. ‘First and foremost, there’s a sense of freedom here that’s hard to find elsewhere. In Vienna, for example, I had to chauffeur my children to and from school daily, but here, I can allow them to walk to school independently. It’s one of the primary reasons I returned. Additionally, the cost of living abroad can be high. Quality food is expensive, while inexpensive food may not be healthy. Here, we can still enjoy affordable, healthy food.’

On the other hand, unfulfilled promises are a negative aspect of Serbia for her. ‘Promises that are not kept are concerning. Since the government changed in 2001, we have been hoping for improvement, but those better times never materialized. My faith in this country is waning. While we shouldn’t expect the state to provide everything, a 50-50 partnership between individuals and the government would be reasonable. However, here, it feels like the state’s contribution is less than 10%. Young people, students, and recent PhD graduates face a lack of opportunities, despite promises made in 2001. Waiting for improvement for sixteen years is too long.’

Danijela returned to Serbia for a more enjoyable life, as she didn’t find contentment abroad. She is fully aware of both the negative and positive aspects of her country. Her aspiration is to provide her family with an ordinary life, affording them simple pleasures like ten days of summer holidays and five days of winter vacations per year.”

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