Darko is 50 years old. He works as a Physical Education teacher in an Elementary School. In his free time, he is into writing and making music. He published a book which combines history and present day rock music. He is currently writing his second book.

Darko jokes that he’d love to see the members of the Sex Pistols in their original lineup, when they were young, playing on the main square of Belgrade. The Serbia that he wishes to see is a country that has a strong socio-economic system. “I would have had the Sex Pistols play the song No future in the main square of Belgrade, when they were young and full of their original punk energy, so they could spread that energy and show the Serbian youth here what lies ahead in the future, that is, no future. Just kidding. I think we lack a system that regulates the way people behave, how they progress up the social ladder, how they take on responsible roles, who is and is not eligible to take these roles, and so on. If a stronger system were built, I think we would have a decent future. ”

Natural beauty and geography are positive features of Serbia. “This is an extremely good location geographically speaking: we have the mountains which have enormous potential for development. We have fertile land; fruits and vegetables that are grown here have exceptional flavor.”

Migration from the countryside to large cities is a challenge for Serbia. “I can say that during the Communist era the cities experienced a large influx of people from the countryside. This was a big mistake made in the process of industrialization. It depopulated most of our villages. There is still potential there but no one takes care of the land. Industrialization also destroyed the cities by bringing people in along with all their habits from the village, altering the cites’ value systems drastically. It was a huge disaster. We lost our villages. We moved the villages into the cities, with chickens, pigs and other farm animals. Industry collapsed after a while because the way it worked was absolutely unsustainable, besides, it resulted in abandoned fields, orchards, vineyards, and so on.”

Darko is an athlete, musician and writer, and he likes rock music. He enjoys the company of people who have the same hobbies. He loves to teach. He has no issues with being 50 and learning from younger people who know how to share their knowledge and energy with him.


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