Tatjana is 47 years old and works in social services and agriculture.
Serbia filled with young children is the country Tatjana sees in the future. „I see Serbia with lots of young children, as an eco-friendly and happy country. I am a big optimist, and I always consider that things can be done better.“

Tatjana thinks that the uniqueness of the people of Serbia is its most positive side. „ I am really proud of the Serbian people, and I think we are unique in our own way. We have a broadness, the power to always find a way out of a bad situation, and we have been in those. Serbia is a wonderful country, especially its natural beauty which has a lot of potentials. I think that we are not even aware of the riches we have around us, especially in our people who are versatile and who can always come out of any crisis.“

The negative characteristic of Serbia is the nervousness of young people, who want to find their way somewhere else. „It hurts thinking that the young ones looking for a brighter future think that it can be achieved in some other country. They feel that it will be better on the other side, that they will make something of their own, while I believe they won’t because all of that is temporary. If they go somewhere else, they start from the beginning, have no identity and will not be respected enough for what they were here. Out there they would be strangers, while here it would be their home. If joint efforts could be made, Serbia would be powerful. I’m sorry that Yugoslavia fell apart because it was a personification of our strength and unity, a great country that crumbled.

Tatjana is always direct. When faced with a problem, she can “watch things from above,” for this way she can see how things work and how to correct something. She likes people, communicating with them, enjoying the diversity that Serbia has.




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