Dusan is 38 years old. He lives in Berlin since 2003. He works as a medical technician. He is married and has three children. Music is his hobby.

Serbia Dusan would like to see in the future is the mixture of Western and South American countries. “It [Serbia] would be the mixture of western countries in terms of discipline, system, politics and democracy, and some South American countries where people are happy, socializing, and they like to play salsa, and play instruments. I would want it to be an open country for others and to help others, we should forget what happened in the past, and to live in the present.”

As someone who left Serbia, he believes that the positive side of the country is socializing and interhuman relations. “People in Serbia are more cheerful. They like to hang around with each other. They are hospitable. This is something we miss here in Germany. Food in Serbia is much better, perhaps because we are used to eating that food, but I like it much more than here. Friendships. Musicians. There are many musicians in Germany, but as for the talent, they are not any better than a musician from Tutin, for example, where I come from. Of course, we have a problem that we don’t have so many opportunities to develop and invest in our talents.”

What Dusan finds negative in Serbia is that things change slowly. “It’s worrying that very few things have changed since the time I came here. Democracy is on a higher level, but it’s not the level that we need to achieve to say: now we are 10% closer to the Germans or Europeans. This is a problem, politics is closer to democratic integration, while the people and the mentality are not. They continue to be patriarchal. Well, this might be negative, people don’t want to integrate, they don’t want to see other things, and to contemplate what is good for them and what is not. ”

Dusan is feeling good no matter where he is. He is funny, respects other people, fits everywhere and the most of all, he likes to have a good time.

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