Mirko is 58 years old. He studied Chemistry Science at the University of Belgrade. He is a sculptor.

Serbia that Mirko would like to see in the future is a country which provides security. “Future Serbia should provide security for its citizens. As for now, one graduates from school, and the question is whether he or she will get a job. I believe there should be a minimum of security that would allow us to live normal lives. In addition to this, Serbia should force a modern spirit, either through education or culture.”

Natural beauties of Serbia, good people and heroism of the Serbian people are characteristics that Mirko notes as positive sides. “The positive sides are our natural beauty and the good people. Also, what I find positive is the “Serbiosity” of the Serbian people, as I call our heroism. The worst is when one adjusts. One loses their authenticity, fits in, and fails to be noticed. If you’re outside in nature and you’re all green, you blend in, no one sees you. In Serbia there is always something of different color that doesn’t fit and is noticeable.”

On the other hand, lagging behind global trends is something that is worrying, according to Mirko. “We are behind schedule. We all used to rush somewhere, keeping up with the world. I mean, the whole world was heading somewhere, so were we, Yugoslavia was. And we have reached the limit. The world kept going somewhere, and we started to turn around. Everyone is gone, and we look at what we did before, we are loaded up with that, in my opinion, nonsense. I would refer to this as something which is negative. Also, our economy is a little late. We don’t have continuity, we start off, we stop, we go back, we go forward again, and like this all the time. ”

Mirko was born in Gospic, Lika, and went to the same school as Nikola Tesla. He worked as a poetry editor for a Belgrade newspaper, and remembers a poem that says: Let us be different, let us be different, let us be different … And 100 times so. He says, back then, he didn’t understand the meaning of the song. But today, when he perceives the world as the water surface where above is what is similar and below is what is different, he says he likes to dive into the depths of the water, but still remains partly above the surface, in reality.


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