Igor is 31 years old. He graduated from the Faculty of Law in Novi Sad. He is the representative of the Jewish Diplomatic Service of the World Jewish Congress in Serbia.

The country without fear is Serbia that Igor would like to see in the future. “What I like at this very moment, and what calms me down when thinking about the future of Serbia, is that I see people, especially the younger ones, who are no longer afraid of the political repression, no matter what regime we talk about. They are ready to work and move forward, to move towards a better environment and towards a better life. We cannot expect a significant number of people to become involved in changing this system. Most of them, when they reach certain age, start thinking about forming a family, about children, about their own world, about their own future. I think we should all invest at least a little bit of our time to make the world a better place, starting with our family or the people we are surrounded by, to share opinions, and everyone should do something in their lives: This is what I would love to see in the future, to get from words to deeds. One decent system that will allow people to live a decent life.”

Serbia is a country to which Igor always returns happily from his many travels. “I travel a lot. What I feel with all my heart is that moment of returning home. I was born in Novi Sad, I enjoy coming back to my family, my friends, my environment, because it is tolerant and open, because people use their own heads when thinking, and that is what people are, not only in Novi Sad, but in Serbia as well. They are simply good neighbors, able to be open-minded, they show a lot of understanding, and want to move forward, they have a strong will to work on themselves.”

General insecurity is a problem that Serbia has. “We all come from families who cherish civic values. And we all fight not only for us and our families, but also for our environment. Now, what is the problem? The problem is the general insecurity. Whatever we get ourselves into, the question is whether we can go the long way. First, can it be implemented? Who can implement it? And finally, what is the outcome? From my personal perspective, the legal system of Serbia is devastating. And that is actually the foundation of our insecurity. If we talk about the system, then we talk about norms, we talk about people who need to control the implementation of those norms, which are absolutely not independent in this system, which again fuels that general insecurity that prevails in this country. ”

Igor considers himself a “versus system”. The way he thinks, the way he steps out of the realm of the ordinary, stepping out of the comfort zone, taking steps that are rational but perhaps risky, is something that makes him different from other people.

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