Aleksandra is 30 years old. She has one child.

Serbia investing and exploiting its natural resources is the country that Aleksandra would like to live in.  “I would like if we invested more in our natural resources, since we have a lot of them. More attention should be paid to young people, to future generations. Also, we should invest more in education and health system.”

Freedom that exists in Serbia is a positive side of Serbia. “Generally, Serbia is a free country. There are not that many restrictions. When you go out in the evening, nothing so bad can happen to you. We are kind of protected.”

The fact that state property is in a way on sale, is a negative side of Serbia according to Aleksandra. “It is worrying that everything is on sale and that everything is bought by foreigners. Also, if you want a job at any company, you either need a strong connection, or you need to have enough money to pay for your job. Still, the question is whether you will get a permanent contract or whether they will keep you until they repay what you have invested. Also, the big problem is that the media gives a lot of importance to reality shows, which present a variety of content that is inappropriate for children, and yet our children watch it all and then take the actors of these programs as their role models. I think programs like this should be banned.”

Aleksandra says she loves herself because she thinks that if you don’t love yourself then you can’t love others. She practices pole dance and goes to the gym regularly. She is imaginative and finds herself to be an artistic soul.

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