Irena is 34 years old. She worked as a tourist guide for many years, which enabled her to get to know different parts of Serbia. She currently works as an assistant director in a private company She practices kick boxing.

What Irena thinks is going to happen in the future in Serbia is the worsening of the situation to the endurance limit, when the people will stand up and start solving problems. “In the next 10-15 years, I think the last 20 or 30 years will be repeated. This means, we will be sinking and, sink and, sinking … Then, it will come to the point the people will demonstrate their discontent somewhere, because they will realize that their parents, as we like to put it, went on summer and winter holidays. We like to say: “if only Tito was alive”. It’s not Tito, at that time we had many factories, we worked the morning, afternoon, and even night shifts. Simply, the people will realize that there are opportunities to make things the same and then they will do something about it.”

While working as the tourism guide, Irena had the opportunity to get acquainted with the natural beauties of Serbia, which even those who lived here did not have the opportunity to get to know. “I have visited (Serbia), from Subotica to Novi Pazar and I always like to return to Vlasina Lake and Djerdap. I love Borsko Lake, but I haven’t heard from anyone that they were there. People are used to going to Zlatibor and Kopaonik, but those places are not our only beauties. I was also in Pester, and even in Kacarevo located near Pancevo.”

What Irena finds good and is the reason she is proud of her country are the humanity and good genetics of the people who live there. “We are humane, we are intelligent, no matter what the circumstances. We have very good genes, we are hardworking no matter that some circumstances have made people think of us as lazy people. We are very worthy, and even if we don’t know how to do something, we would learn it very quickly.”

People’s reluctance to start something in order to make things better, money that has become a thing of prestige, not a means of payment and an education system are the flaws that can be seen in Serbia. “We want to live better lives, but we don’t do anything about it ourselves. It’s easier for everyone to say, “let him or her start it first, and I will follow” or “start a petition, and I’ll sign it.” Money, here, has definitely become the basis for everything. I still see it as a means of payment, something that I use to pay for my education, summer holiday, a book, new shoes … But people started looking at money as a matter of prestige. Unfortunately, there are more and more of those people. We still have a good education system in Serbia. Recently, I have heard something that I am really against, and that is the government wants to decide to change the program so that the primary schools have one foreign language instead of two. As the whole world opens to us, we don’t need visas anymore, and we do what? We are introducing religion?! What? We want progress in religious studies?! They are destroying what we had the best in the world, and that is our education system.”

Irena is a fiery person whose spirit and personality can be felt through her characteristics. She doesn’t hide her bad sides, she always tries to correct them, but she is also aware of her good sides, which she has many more.

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