Natasa is 44 years old. She works as a High School Secretary. She also teaches the Constitutional Law and Commercial Law at the Economic Technician department.

A country based on fraternity and unity principles is Serbia Natasa would like to see in the future. “Usually, when you ask older people what our country should be like, we say like when Tito was alive, when there were brotherhood and unity, when we were all together, united and ready to help one another. It is hard to get to that level again because a lot of things has changed in the world, not just in Serbia.”

She is proud of her country because Serbs work hard to get what they want. “I am proud to be a Serbian for the reason that our country, even though fallen many times, it has always managed to rise and rebuild itself from nothing. Serbia is a safe country. We can travel freely from one side to the other, without fear that anything will happen to us. In that sense, I think our country is very positive. Sometimes, the others represent us as savages, as people who are prone to violence, people who are in conflict all the times. However, whoever came to Serbia and visited us, understands that we are not like that, but we are good and honest people, good hosts, we love to host people. I think the hospitality in Serbia doesn’t exist anywhere else in the world.”

The constant brain drain from Serbia is something that Natasa finds troubling. “It worries me that a large number of intelligent people whom we educated, invested in, and trained to be good experts in their fields, leaves abroad. Unfortunately, we don’t provide opportunities for their knowledge to be used here in Serbia.”

Natasa is a positive and hardworking person. Through her work and efforts, she contributes daily to a better life not only of her family, but also of her community and her city.

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