Ivan is 67 years old. He began his career as a police officer. He has received various awards, commendations and medals.  He was a security guard of the President of Yugoslavia, Josip Broz Tito, and ended his career as the head of a police unit. He has two grown children and four grandchildren. He describes himself as a great Yugoslavia nostalgic.

Serbia, as Ivan would like to see in the future, is a secular, safe country that is not corrupted. “We are a secular country by definition. But in practice, that’s a big lie. I would like to live in a secular country where we will all be humans and at home everyone can be whatever they want.”

The abolition of the death penalty, according to Ivan, was a crucial moment for Serbia to become the country it is today. “Do you know at what point we became a criminal country? When we abolished the death penalty. People are no longer afraid of anything. So, Americans can kill their criminals, and we can’t because someone ordered us to stop doing it? The future of Serbia? I will tell you, unless something drastically changes in the consciousness of the people, in 50-year time, Serbia will not exist.”

Education of children and young people is something that should be worked on, Ivan believes. “The young ones are wrongly educated. Young people should be educated that there is no shame to say that they are carpenters, locksmiths, wall painters or any other profession, and that this is not humilating because they can’t sit in the company of academics. And believe me, choosing your friends by the scale of education is a big mistake. Young people choose friends by nationality as well. Listen, it is a public secret in Vojvodina, I will not tell you in what city, we know exactly which cafes the Hungarians go to, which ones the Serbs go to, and which ones the Croats go to.”

Ivan is a charismatic person people like to listen to as he talks. He fulfilled his dream of becoming a painter when he completed his mission to serve the country through the job of a police officer.

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