Dina Djilas: With her family in times of coronavirus

In the new situation caused by the coronavirus, that has affected Serbia and almost the entire world, which could be described in three words as: Stay at Home, Dina Djilas, the owner of the Wonderland kindergarten and the Fortress elementary school in Novi Sad, told us how this situation affects her and her life.

Dina spends time at home with her family members. They use the situation to socialize, to talk to each other, to laugh, to read, to learn, to work and to show love towards each other. The government’s decision to introduce the state of emergency has affected her job since it is in the field of education. She and everyone else in her community take very seriously the appeals of the authorities and medical staff to stay at home in order to end the situation as soon as possible. There is no panic.

Social distancing is not difficult for her at the moment but rather pleasant because she has more time for herself. What is most difficult is that her mother, who is over 65 years old, is alone in her house and they cannot spend time with her.

Once the situation caused by the coronavirus is over, Dina will happily return to her activities. She believes that the situation will affect her in the way she will reconsider her priorities and that life after quarantine will be of a better quality both emotionally and spiritually.

Until today, more than 700,000 people have been infected with the coronavirus in over 200 countries. Authorities and doctors are advising citizens to stay at home so that the situation with the infected by the Covid-19 virus doesn’t get out of control.

Dina Djilas’s thoughts and views on Serbia and the future of Serbia, which is part of the Wesley Channell’s exhibition Portraits of Serbia: Hope for the Future, can be found at http://portraitsofserbia.rs/en/stories/dina-2/

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