Ivana is 29 years old. She rescues abandoned animals and helps find homes for them. She is one of the founders of the Animal Protection Association of Timocka Krajina – Beta.

Serbia where the problem of abandoned animals is solved, is the country that Ivana would like to see in the future. “I would like to see the issues we are dealing with resolved, and I believe it will be better tomorrow. If we didn’t believe, we probably would have given up long time ago as it would be Sisyphus job. This is the problem we have all over Serbia, it is impossible to tolerate it anymore, there are more and more animals on the streets, there are more and more people who don’t like animals who are disturbed, us who are animal lovers are also disturbed. We don’t want to see dogs on the street. I really believe that at some point this problem will have to be addressed in a humane way.”

The positive side of Serbia is its people. “We met different types of people, in Zajecar, in other cities in Serbia, and I really think that if we went anywhere and, for example, we had a problem, we could turn to people for help.”

Abandoned animals on the street are a negative feature of Serbia. “Only in Serbia we have abandoned animals on the street. We have been in Slovenia, there are none of them there. The problem was solved in Germany, the Netherlands. The problem is that people here know that there are organizations that deal with it, and then they throw the animals out, how many times we find abandoned kittens in boxes, and so on. People think that this will solve their problem instead of sterilizing pets.”

Ivana is dedicated to animals, which sometimes causes resentment in people around her. But, she says, she would rather be with animals in the Park Forest in Zajechar than be drinking with her pals, which helps her to be devoted to one such problem that may not yet be fully characterized as a problem in Serbia and is not having enough attention.

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