Maja is 35 years old. She works as the hotel manager. She has been an athlete for many years. She is married and has two children.

Serbia as Maja would like to see in the future is a country where educated people can find a job easily. “I’d like this country to be the place where people have normal lives in the sense that there is such job market where anyone who has graduated from college can find a job.”

The positive sides of Serbia are its athletes and its natural beauties. “We are a small and poor country. We don’t have enough investments. I have long been practicing judo which is a sport that is not so much represented, but I can freely say that our sport is one positive thing. The other positive thing is our natural beauty, the area we live in, which is not promoted enough for tourism purposes, especially when talking about ethno and mountain tourism. Just here in the vicinity of Niš we have a couple of wonderful mountains that are almost inaccessible to tourists, they are visited only by people who know well these areas. If you and I were going, we would have to have someone to guide us.”

The downside of Serbia is the fact that the labor force in Serbia is cheap. “Unfortunately, I have to say that we are still the market of the cheap labor. Cheap, but of high quality. Salaries are still quite low, so this is very dissimulating for people in terms of employment. A lot of people decide to leave the country, my brother left a couple of years ago, unfortunately. He graduated from college, couldn’t find job, and like many of my friends and acquaintances, he left the country. It’s not even to Belgrade anymore, they leave abroad. ”

Maja has positive attitudes. Even though everyone in the country seems to be thinking short-term, and even though life may look black and negative when you live in Serbia, she still manages to preserve her positivism when it comes to long-term plans.

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