Kristina is 18 years old. She is a high school student. In her spare time, she is a volunteer in organizations dealing with children with special needs.

What Kristina would like to see in the future is a higher level of self-awareness in people and less trash in the streets. “I hope that people will stop expecting so much from politicians and other people, that they will start working on themselves, and that they will not throw so much garbage in the streets. Cleaner streets and more consideration for the environment would mean that people are paying more attention to themselves, that they are grateful for what they already have, and by this they will rise to the next level. More or less, the whole country will develop if people work on themselves first.”

A large number of athletes who are successful and who can be role models to those who live in the country is a positive side of Serbia. “A very positive and very good thing about Serbia is the sports. A lot of young people train, and we have a lot of successful sportspeople who inspire young people and others to be athletes. I’m proud of our food and people who are very friendly. They like to talk, they’re curious.”

As an athlete and a high school student, Kristina is worried about young people who don’t work on their future. “What I see and listen to every day is that young people are generally worried about their future, but then, they don’t do anything about that. And the other thing I don’t like at all is the swearing. Wherever I go, I hear the swearing words from both young and older people.”

Kristina, a high school student and volunteer, finds the strength for her victorious daily life in Jesus Christ. “I consider my greatest success to have met Jesus and I have dedicated my life to him. This is my greatest success because I can use the mercy, that he has shown to us, as the strength to live a victorious life every day.” She knows that if she wants to make any changes, she must start working on herself first, and accordingly to this, she gives her contribution to her family and the society around her.

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