Slobodan is 49 years old. He is an entrepreneur. He owns a fast-food restaurant.

Slobodan believes that the country  where the rate of theft is low and where marijuana is legalized, is Serbia as it should be in the future.  “I’m 100% sure if we didn’t have the high rate of theft, everything would be different here, everything would work differently. What kind of future would I like? I wish it was like in the Netherlands where marijuana is legalized. Then we would have coffee shops in Sokobanja which would be full of Bulgarians and other tourists all year long. Of course, the country would have, just as the Netherlands, its own share in it. The way they are deal with this in the Netherlands, I would like it to be here too.”

Slobodan doesn’t agree there are any positive things in Serbia. Even if some things are positive, they are negligible due to the problems that prevail, especially the exodus of young people. “I don’t see anything positive in Serbia right now. I don’t even see that there will be positive things in Serbia, because the exodus of young people and intelligence, which is a big problem. And what pulls this people away from this country is the fact that they have no jobs here even though they graduated. Even when they have it, they will work for 200 euros which is a minimum wage and one has to make a living from it. That’s not perspective. Serbia is in a problematic situation and I don’t know how it will come out of it, I don’t see a way out.”

Slobodan is capable of anything. He can cook, he created family business. Every day he tries to respond to people’s needs. At the age of 45, he started playing guitar.

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