Marija is 32 years old. She is a physiotherapist.

A country where there would be enough jobs for everyone is the country Marija would love to live in. “If we had more job opportunities, then it would be more relaxing to live here. The current situation is such that tensions are constantly present. People live from one paycheck to the next one, they’re waiting for the next payment almost all the time.”

She is proud of Serbia primarily because of the people who live there. “We are surrounded by the beautiful natural beauty. I’m proud of young people who are bright and fun, who love life, and love to work on themselves, to improve themselves. People are great hosts, they are hospitable, big-hearted, cheerful.”

The downside is that people are leaving the country. “A lot of people leave Serbia for work and living conditions. The reason for this is usually money, that is, the lack of it. It shouldn’t be, but it is. There are not enough job opportunities here, salaries are low, and then people leave. Living conditions are not the best for those who stay here, which makes it more difficult for them to decide to get married and have children. We have less and less of that.”

Marija is always smiling. She is positive, cheerful and friendly. She always comes on time and is fully dedicated to whatever she does.

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