Boban is 51 years old. He works at the Municipal Administration.

A country with good standard and with family as its foundation, is Serbia Boban wants to see in the future. “Every country develops starting with a family. If we didn’t have good standard, good education and upbringing, and good schools and colleges, then we could’t make progress. If we don’t follow the idea of family, it wouldn’t be good for either Serbia or ourselves.”

People’s persistence is a positive side of Serbia. “Here, I speak on behalf of the citizens of Svrljig and other cities. We were born here, my ancestors lived here back in 1740, and we wouldn’t change Svrljig for any other city or country. I stayed here because I believe in Serbia, I believe in my family, I think things will change for the better and that we will survive as people.”

The departure of young people is something that Boban considers a negative trend in Serbia. “Unfortunately, it’s worrying that young people leave to work somewhere else, and this has been going on for around thirty years since the 1990s. I think we need new jobs to hire young people. That would be good, because Svrljig is a healthy environment. ”

Boban likes to help people, he says this is never a problem for him. He is ready to contribute to anything that could improve the current economic situation of Svrljig.

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