Milan is 31 years old. He graduated from the Faculty of Electronics. He as a system administrator. He is also a farm owner.

Serbia with developed agriculture is a country that Milan would like to see in the future. “I can see the only way out of this situation is through agriculture.”

People’s mentality and climate are positive sides of Serbia. “The climate is excellent. People are good, we are not naughty people. The natural beauty is untouched, this area is unpolluted, the fruits and vegetables were not sprayed here until a few years ago.”

Brain drain is a worrying thing happening in Serbia. “A lot of our people live abroad. Whoever leaves here never comes back. There’s nothing to come back to. After a couple of years everything collapses, the machines are being sold. The fields are abandoned and then a lot of investment is needed to get all that back as it used to be. ”

Despite all the adversities and challenges of living in a small town in Serbia, he is still struggling and wants to stay in Serbia and to contribute to a better life.

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