Jovana is 21 years old. She is a student at the Faculty of Occupational Safety. She is a folklore dancer.

Serbia that Jovana would like to see  in the future is a country where people are not poor, not hungry and have homes. “Above all, there should always be work, people shouldn’t be poor, or hungry, they should have homes. I believe that there are no bad people, only bad conditions that make them so, and if they lived the way they wanted to live, they wouldn’t be bad people, they would be good. ”

Jovana is proud of Serbia because of the people and how she perceives them. “To be honest, I think we are humane, but there is one downside to this, we are humane only when in trouble. For example, when we had floods several years ago, when many lost their homes, many chose to leave there to help them. So, the people here are nice, always willing to help, except that something bad must happen before we are like this.”

The negative side of Serbia is that people don’t pay attention and don’t care much about our environment. “It is horrible to see that we don’t respect what we have when we talk about our natural beauties and environment. If you just look through the window, you can see how polluted our river is, what is truly sad.”

Jovana wants to be the voice of the nature and to use her knowledge to change something in the country when it comes to ecology, that is, to start a change, which would then go on its own.

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