Milana is 39 years old, she works at Radio Television of Vojvodina as a proofreader for Serbian language, where she usually collaborates with minority editorial boards. She is married, and her house is a home to many cats.


Open-minded people are something Milena would like to see in the future in Serbia. “I hope that people will open up, and that they will try to think freely. This is what I hope for and what I work on. They should use their own heads for thinking, and thus they will open up and they will not accept everything that is served to them.”

The positive side of Serbia, and Novi Sad is its openness. “Novi Sad has always been a city which was open to people. First, this was a very mixed community ever since, with many different nationalities.  And then, a lot of different people moved to Novi Sad during the miserable wars in the 90’s. Even though there are always comments like, “Why did they have to come here?”, still, Novi Sad gave those people the opportunity to stay, live and work here. This is what I like.”

On the other hand, the negative side of Serbia, Vojvodina and Novi Sad might be the growing limitation of people to plan their own future. “What I really mind is that people have become not isolated, but limited. The core of the problem is that they don’t think about the future, they don’t plan it.” Also, one of the negative things in Vojvodina are unfounded comments. “Despite the fact that Vojvodina is multinational, and even though we are used to people who live around us, still, if someone is different from us, often you will hear negative comments about them, as for example for the Gypsies who live with us for centuries. That is what I find negative.”

Milana isn’t someone who blindly follows the trends and who fits in just any crowd. Her life is unique because she is one of the persons who will never turn a blind eye to a stray kitten. Her cats always follow her around, even to the grocery store.

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