Jelena is 29 years old. She finished her studies of English Language and Literature. She works as the chief of staff of the Mayor’s office. She is married and has one child.

The country where there is enough work for anyone who wants to work is Serbia where Jelena would like to live. “Primarily, it would be a country with a lower unemployment rate. Also, there would be help from the government for those who are poor and who have children. ”

The spirit of the people reflected through various manifestations is a positive side of Serbia. “Despite the fact that there are very few young people who live now in the city, various events are still held here, such as night tournaments in football, basketball and such. This is the reason for the gathering of young people from the surrounding villages.”

Less children and schools that are being closed is something Jelena finds worrying. “There are fewer children here and then the schools close. Some villages are inaccessible during the winter when when it’s snowing or during the floods, and children are then unable to reach school. I think this is a big problem. ”

Jelena completed her English studies. She decided to stay in Serbia and fight for a better tomorrow in her own country.

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