Miljan is 20 years old. He is a student and works as a DJ in local cafes.

Serbia in the future where Miljan would like to live, has normal television.  “Let’s say that television programs in this future Serbia are a little more normal, more cultural. Also, I would like the youth to be engaged in something more interesting than just watching who has a better phone or better pair of shoes.”

The history of Serbia is something that Miljan is proud of. “I am proud of our beautiful history and beautiful customs. We have beautiful women, of course, the most beautiful ones.”

What is worrying in Serbia is its media. “Well, I think the picture that the media presents us is worrying. The media is brainwashing the young people, if I may say so. I think they limit people because everything is valued from the material point of view. It’s all about appearance, nothing about what is inside.”

Miljan likes to listen to music. As a DJ, he transfers this love onto others. He believes that there is not much perspective in Serbia, and as soon as he is given the opportunity, he will leave the country.

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