Ljubica is 25 years old. She holds a master’s degree in architecture.

Serbia, that Ljubica would like to see in the future, is a self-governing country.  “A country that believes a little more in itself and in its choices, rather than in pro-western ideas and impositions. We, the citizens of Serbia and its government, often don’t know where we are going and what we are fighting for, and we are hiding behind the skirts of the East and West. The East looks stable to us because it is huge, but Serbia is too small to be a parameter in all that. Western countries that are much smaller and more self-oriented, seem to be closer to us in the way sense they have similar problems as we do. We have a little more interaction with them and then we think, if we can’t be as big as Russia or China, then we can at least adapt to the West. I think we are looking for the pattern of how they managed to get out of the crisis, so we can try it too. ”

For her, Serbia is a country that can offer more than any country in the region. “I feel that what it can give to me now and in the future, is slightly more in comparison to the opportunities that I have in other countries from the region where I could feel at home. I feel good here, I can be myself. I think many others who come to Serbia feel the same. I think the positive side of Serbia is literally the fact that it is the state of all its citizens. No matter who you are, you are welcome, you can live wherever you want, and be whatever you want.”

The negative characteristic of Serbia, in Ljubica’s opinion, is primitivism. “Primitivism, that’s one thing that could get me leave here. This primitivism erases all the contents that make me want to live here, from art, going out, street space, to the people around me. You can feel it here in Novi Sad, maybe a little less than in other places, but because of the direction in which the media will go at this pace, it is a matter of time when it will escalate so that I and many other like-minded will run away from Novi Sad because we will have nothing to look for here.”

Ljubica thinks of herself as everything, and nothing, she is interested in everything and is not interested in anything at the same time, she understands everything, but then doesn’t understand anything, she wants everything and nothing, and in this sense she is a person of unique character and personality.

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