Nikola is 27 years old. He works at the municipal administration in the finance department, and is responsible for creating and maintaining web sites.

Serbia where you can find a job any time, is a country where Nikola would like to live.  “I would like it to be a country where you have desire to work, and you are able to find a job at any time. So, if you want to work, you can work and you don’t have to wait a year or two, maybe even five. In that state you can go on vacation where you want, you can buy what you want for your child.”

Nikola finds Serbia’s multiethnicity as both, a positive and negative characteristic of Serbia. “I could say that multiethnicity is both a positive and a negative side. In addition to all the problems we have, we need to go out and socialize with each other, and we should use this to bring ourselves together rather than distance ourselves. Although, I don’t and never have had any problems. Maybe this is a problem for people in general, or maybe the media image of interethnic relations is bad.”

Nikola can press 10 keys on a keyboard per second. His hobby is building and maintaining websites. He lives in a town in southern Serbia and says he will never leave that city, unless he has to.

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