Desanka is 64 years old. She works as a clerk at the Clinical Center of Serbia.

Desanka wants a peaceful Serbia in the future.  “I want to be peaceful here, no wars. I wish we had bigger salaries and pensions so that we could live normally, and to have everything in abundance. And I believe it will be so thanks to our President and all the people who are committed to it.”

She is proud of Serbia because it is the country of her birth. “I’m happy because I was born here. I had a wonderful childhood and wonderful parents. Serbia is a big country and I hope it will get better here. There are a lot of people here who are hardworking and capable, who work hard to improve our lives and standard.”

In addition to the benefits of technological advancement, Desanka believes that this has its major disadvantages. “Advancement in technology is good when it comes to medical treatments, learning and perhaps socializing. But it is also negative. We are exposed to too many bad things that we can hear and see on the internet and on the television. Also, we ate healthy food before. This is no longer the case.”

Desanka considers herself a good person, good parent, good wife and good neighbor. She is kind to everyone and never wants to offend anyone.

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