Nikolina is 32 years old. She holds a degree in French language and literature and is majoring in digital marketing.

The country where Nikolina would like to live is a cultural country where media content is different than it is now. “It’s definitely a little more cultural, especially when it comes to media and reality shows that make people stupid. We have a lot to see and hear our performers and artists. Also, I would love to be able to work and earn as much as I need to be able to plan the future more freely, which is not the case right now. It may sound utopian, but I wish the high positions were hold by educated people with intellectual and moral values, not those who got them through their moms and dads, or through the political party. I believe that only then the country would move in a better direction.”

The humanity and emotionality of the people in Serbia are the things that Nikolina mentions as a beautiful side of Serbia. “Positive is that kind of humanity that still exists here, sociability, cordiality and tradition that I think we still respect, in terms of moral values, family and how we treat each other. I like that we express our emotions, I think in most Western countries, they don’t show their emotions like we do.”

Nikolina finds troubling the fact many people leave Serbia for good. “The brain drain and the kind of general ignorance that, in my opinion, is the result not only of the 1990s, but of a little while ago. The country was strong when it was Yugoslavia, then it fell apart, and people after so many wars simply cannot see any further. But actually, I think this is wrong, I think there is a lot of potential here. This is where the media play an important role by marketing everything that is negative, constantly talking about negative things. They constantly propagate some things like who killed themselves, who lost their job, and then people forget that good things also happen, and that we have fantastic young people who are successful and yet, nobody talks about them.”

Nikolina loves animals, dancing, traveling and yoga. In difficult times, she finds ways to stay positive and fight for what she wants.

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