Rebeka is 21 years old. She a student at the Faculty of Special Education and Rehabilitation, Department of Speech Therapy. In addition to her studies, she is actively involved in volunteering as well as various church activities.

Rebeka believes that the future of Serbia depends on young people and that in order to have a better future, changes in their attitudes are necessary. “The future depends on us, young people, so if we change our attitudes in life, it will make Serbia shine. For example, if our hope returns, then people who have hope will work harder on what they have, our material status will change for the better, people will start to appreciate each other, we will look to change things here, and not run away from here.”

The character of the Serbian people and the fact that they are very hospitable is what Rebeka considers positive. “If someone visits us, we will serve them the best we have. Even when we don’t have anything, then we share what we don’t have.”

What worries her in Serbia, is that people are hopeless, frustrated and sad. And this hopelessness can be seen everywhere. “What worries me a lot in our country, and we can all see, is the hopelessness that reigns in the country. People are frustrated, sad, rushing somewhere, and they don’t know where to. There is no appreciation for what they have, they are always looking for more and more. And they don’t even bother to preserve and use what they already have. This can be seen in transportation, at the university. Young people who study complain, they lack motivation because they don’t see the future in this country as it is. But I think that changing the attitude would change a lot.”

Rebeka, a positive and motivating person, is open to talk to everyone. She finds her strength in faith. With her attitudes and hard work, she makes things change, and change is always needed by everyone and everywhere.

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