Ivana is 40 years old. She is a dentist.

The country where there is order, is Serbia in the future.  “There is order in the country where I would like to live, when talking about life and work. In it, one could plan their future.”

Ivana believes that cordiality is a positive side of Serbia. “People are pretty cordial. We have the ability to remain kind and emotional people, despite all that is happening to us.”

The phlegmatic nature of young people is the negative side of Serbia. “The downside is that, for the most part, young people are phlegmatic and have low expectations when it comes to themselves and others. Even when they are ambitious, they don’t necessarily enjoy that path towards the fulfillment of their dreams, whatever that may be.”

Ivana doesn’t feel she belongs to the place where she lives, but even so, she has faith and is positive, and people can rely on her.

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