Samir is 19 years old. He attends High School of Electrical Engineering, audio and video technologies department. He is a musician and plays and sings in the band called Hurleur.

The country where people are equal is Serbia that Samir would like to see in the future. “I would like to see Serbia as a country where everyone is equal, that is, we all have equal or similar opportunities. In a society where the differences between people are big, when some have a lot more while others have a lot less, many problems arise.”

Endurance of the people in Serbia is a positive side of Serbia. “We are strong and enduring and we have shown this throughout history, and we show it today. You can always see in the street someone smiling. This is also positive. Also, the effort of the people. Wherever you go, people try hard to achieve something. ”

On the other hand, the negative is the fact that the people‚Äôs endurance is being tested and brought to the limits all the times. “The worrying thing is that, no matter how enduring we are, the boundaries and our endurance are still being tested. Also, I think that young people are not so honest anymore, they behave the way they think others expect them to behave, and not the way they think they should.”

Samir is the driving force of his band. The musician, the studio and the family are also completely dedicated. He enrolled in audio and video technology department because he loves music and wants to keep up with the times when it comes to it. Or as he says, he brings nice and useful together.

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