Danijela is 46 years old. She is a graduated economist and politician. She used to be deputy mayor. She is married and has two children.

Serbia where the laws are equal for all and where people don’t want to leave from, is a country that Danijela would like to see in the future. “My picture of Serbia that I want to see is very clear. It has to be a country where the laws are same for all. It is a country where my children will have the future and they will not want to leave except for the purpose of getting to know others, making friends and socializing. I don’t want to see my grandchildren who don’t speak Serbian.”

Danijela is proud of Serbia as her home country. She believes that fierceness and perseverance of people are its positive characteristics. “First of all, I am proud of Serbia because it constantly resists the winds that are blowing from the East and the West and are swirling in this very area. Serbia has a strategically important position. It is located at the point where roads from all sides meet and where different influences are mixed. And that’s why those winds will never stop blowing. However, regardless of its important place on the planet, Serbia manages to maintain something of its own, which is primarily reflected through the struggles and perseverance of its people.”

Centralized government and minding someone else’s business are the negative characteristics of Serbia that should be corrected. “We won’t get better until we learn to “clean up our own backyard” before looking at others’. So, first we need to tidy up our backyard, and only then to give suggestions and comments on what can be done in someone else’s. Also, what I would like to see is the day when our country will have the decentralized model of governance. I think this would solve many problems we have.”

Throughout her career, Danijela has always had responsible public jobs. But despite being on such high positions, she remained, as she puts it, with both feet on the ground. She contributed to her community a lot and is still working on improving and making the world a better place to live.

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